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Third-Party Debate live with Larry King
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Aidan Hello
Aidan Hello System
dean.collins hey all
Aidan Hello
dean.collins sorry i'm late
Aidan It hasn't really started yet
Politution The Politution has enter the
room! Lets get the 3rd Party
Candidates Heard!
dean.collins lol love that they are
allowing audience participation in the
"Third-Party" debates instead of shutting up
and gagging the audience like the
other ones #fb #tw
dean.collins great video quality on YouTube
for this
dean.collins wow the top two primary system
sounds like it sucks
Aidan hmm my message didn't post
dean.collins i can see you aidan
Aidan but it does have benefits and
positives about it.
dean.collins what are the beenfits? curious
and open to learning
Aidan Well, it does keep incumbents
from being able to keep office for
40+ years without having to be
accountable to their constituents.
dean.collins lol i love it...what about the
person spending less on military #tw
Aidan For example, in California,
they just added that system and
several incumbents who normally would
get 60+ of the vote, but now that
they added this system those
incumbents are having much more trouble
getting re-elected.
dean.collins ok i get it so they are
listing "2 from each party"?
Aidan no, they are giving two
options, not just one from each party
so basically there can be two
democrats instead of the incumbent
automatically running for the position again
dean.collins hmmm ok
dean.collins will have to go out and do
some research
Aidan It is bothersome because I
have to vote for either republican
or democrat
dean.collins lol because he owns part of he forgot that part
Aidan One thing I noticed about Jill
Stein is that she tends to go on and
dean.collins lol if I was handcuffed for 8
hours i'd be screaming blue murder
dean.collins hmmm the need lights instead
of them saying 10secs/5 secs like
at the supreme court
dean.collins ha ha patches for sponsors #tw
Aidan that's a good idea
dean.collins lol larry king sinking to
bottom of the 4 debate moderators
pretty quickly #fb #tw
dean.collins Does anyone here think that if
Oil/energy was solved tomorrow there
would be no wars?
Aidan It is hard to say
dean.collins personally i think food is
going to be the biggest issue this
century anyway, eg energy isnt that
hard to scale, arable land / water
Aidan If people just stopped eating
meat there would be a lot more
water / arable land available. Meat
is very inefficient when it comes
to energy, land, and water.
dean.collins lol you can take my
cheeseburger over over my dead body :P
Aidan lol
dean.collins lol
balance budget....whats that
#fb #tw
dean.collins lol and that GreenCard
moratorium makes you an idiot
dean.collins sorry but has to be
said.....stopping highly skilled foreigners
moving to the USA isn't going to
solve auto worker unemployment in
Aidan I agree with Gary Johnson on
immigration. Make it very easy to let
working immigrants get work visas
dean.collins Can someone explain to me
whats the deal with Ron paul not
being involved in this?? can someone
explain to me what happened with ron
pauls campaign?
Politution The Next debate is set...

Aidan ron paul ran in the republican
primaries. After he lost in the primaries
he did not try to run as an
independent. He is now retiring from
politics, and this is only for people
who are running
dean.collins politution do they allow a
live chat on blogtalkradio? maybe
we should setup another chat for
that date as well.
Politution All ready legal in California.
Unfortunately, it isn't collecting the taxes
they were hoping for.
Aidan I thought it was just medical
in California
dean.collins thanks aidan, i didnt realise
he actually couldnt change
affiliations to independant, i thought that
was the original plan.
dean.collins California is medical only
Aidan Well, he could have ran as an
independent. He chose not to.
Politution It is sold in stores that are
specially licensed in California..
dean.collins hmmm not dangerous at all isnt
correct.....but then again no more dangerous
than cheeseburgers and artery
dean.collins ha ha SHE
Politution They have stores that are
speciofically selling it. It is very easy to
get a medical card here.
dean.collins sure but its still mdeically
Aidan The problem is that the
federal government does not legalize
it, so they can go and shut down
growers if they want since they are
allowed to under federal law.
Politution Basically, there is no real
control over the sale of Medical
Marajuana. Growers are a whole other
issue. The Medical Mara Stores don't
necessarily grow it, but may buy it from
other parts of the country
Politution Technically Aidan, They can go
after the Shop Owners too. They have
decided to due just that
dean.collins gary....she didnt die from a
hole in her heart!!
Aidan That's true.
Politution LOL Dean
dean.collins lol nope its not
required....but it keeps a shitload of
republican and democrat politicians with
defense manafacturing in their
distriicts in office
Politution For All 4 Candidates Larry...
What do you believe needs to be
done to better protect our Human
Assets in the Middle East and Around
the World
dean.collins I dont know Politution, i look
at Banghazi and go....shit
happens, lets not let it sidetrack us
that this one event occured, based
on how many people overseas etc
the odds are good
Aidan As for military spending I am
pretty sure that all 4 candidates
dean.collins its bugged me how much "air"
this question has taken up over the
past few weeks
dean.collins yep sending $45m to this guy
is a MISTAKE!!!
dean.collins what the USA is doing in Syria
this month is freaking ridiculous
Aidan That guy's not a bad guy he is
a.... freedom fighter? haha
Politution Dean... Just one death is one
too many for me. Especially when
the State Department was made
aware of the situation before it
happened. Our people are killed because
they are Americans. Sad
Politution We don't belong in Syria or
any other Country. We need to take
care of our own first
Politution Time for Solutions please...
Lets not follow the Dems or
Aidan agreed
dean.collins can you imagine if Germany
sent the Klu Klux Klan $45m in
"support funds" #tw #fb
Politution Sounds like a Neo-Nazi
spending defense fund
dean.collins #ASKLarryKing my question is
"Why is the USA in the right to
prevent Iran from having a nuclear
weapon when the USA is the only
country in the world to have used a
nuclear bomb on people in an act of
war" #fb #tw
dean.collins lol so one guy is saying cut
out the funding to drive down
demand....the other is saying make it free
for everyone
dean.collins yeh because otherwise all
students would bankrupt themselves at
21 years and 1 day :)
Aidan I doubt Iran is even making
nuclear weapons. The US government is
probably just trying to create a story
so that they have a reason to
start a war like with the whole
"weapons of mass destruction" thing the
Bush administration went on and on
Aidan I highly doubt that the price
of college will be 20x as much as
it is now in 20 years.
dean.collins this is why we need more
people running for president....more
views and opinions....
dean.collins ha ha about 4 candidates
Aidan I wish
and Romney had not refused to
join this debate.
dean.collins lol would that include
assange....? wonder how she feels about
dean.collins lol though as an aussie know my thoughts there :)
dean.collins i'd never vote for Romney but
seriously you have to wonder about
and stuff he's dropped over
the last 4 years....
dean.collins ha ha ha
Aidan How many did Ron Paul get for
liberty torches?
dean.collins 16
Aidan I thought that is what
dean.collins hang 10 googling now
Aidan the ACLU website seems to not
be working atm
dean.collins sorry 18 for ron paul
dean.collins yeh i bet their webserver just
got crushed with searches :)
dean.collins yeh but "corporations are not
people" while a nice clap...doesnt
really tell us what you are goign to
do about it.
Aidan I bet
dean.collins this #ThirdParty debate had
much more content than the last 3
debates with
OSE_ #nowthatsadebate #fb #tw
dean.collins ha ha wasted vote-love it.
Aidan be right back, wasting my vote
on Johnson
dean.collins would anyone here support
mandatory voting? In australia i think
its like a $100 fine if you dont
Aidan Most European countries have
compulsory voting as well, and it doesn't
change much.
Aidan It just gets people who don't
care much about the race to go and
vote. Those people will usually
either vote randomly or vote based on
who has the most commercials and
signs on the road. I doubt it would
help much at all.
dean.collins would be interested in reading
some research to support that
dean.collins lol a cool borthday present,
her dad must be proud.
dean.collins Well folks thanks for
particpating if you ever need to reach out
or have some suggestions on other
debates we should cover shoot us an
email at
dean.collins we'll run another live fan
chat for the next #ThirdParty
debate on 3rd of november - see you