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dean.collins This Chatroom will be open all
day non stop until they announce
the new president (lol expect some
court ordered may be
a while).
dean.collins Feel free to invite friends to
join you here to chat live with
other "political junkies".
dean.collins You can use "#+FB" and "#+TW"
to post out to facebook and
twitter, (just remove the plus signs).
dean.collins If you see any interesting
urls or poll updates that you think
people should know about post the
URL's here for everyone to share.
dean.collins Enjoy and may the best man win
(and hopefully a women may be an
option in 1460 days.......)
dean.collins So who thinks Hillary is going
to be on the ballot in 1460 days?
#fb #tw
- Seriously i dont get why
Voting rules in the USA about what is
and isnt allowed is so ass
dean.collins why cant you just have one set
of rules for all elections at
every polling booth across the
dean.collins ha ha love it
dean.collins Art Cashin "Pray its not
close" -

I totally expect court orders
to be filed by the end of the day
dean.collins Fox & Friends: New Black
Panthers Back And Intimidating Voters
By Holding Door Open For Old
White Ladies
dean.collins lol (don‚??t worry, it‚??s
short!) video: where the hot
terrifying black man says good morning to
the old white lady and opens the
door for her.
dean.collins Fox News are basically saying
anyone "Black" is scary and
dean.collins lol twitter is in overdrive
right now with political
posts...most just saying the same thing
over and real dialog #fb
dean.collins lol @TheCCway

Once every four years the
whole world cares about Ohio.
dean.collins Dennis Crowley on CNBC right
now talking about
#fb #tw
dean.collins ha ha subliminal -

dean.collins Why Are Early Vote Totals
Being Released in Ohio?

Drudge posted these but did
they have anything to do with these
being released?
dean.collins Hi Youngs....did you vote yet?
dean.collins how was it where you are?
packed or pretty easy?
youngs24 Oh yeah. Good turnout where I
live. About an hour in line.
dean.collins 1 hours is crazy huh....i
wonder how people in china/middle
east think of our lines
dean.collins how do you feel about forced
voting eg if it was the law everyone
in the country HAD to vote?
youngs24 They redistricted us so we had
to drive farther and wait longer.
youngs24 If they don't care enough then
they probably shouldn't vote.
dean.collins maybe....though i think if
people were forced to vote they may
pay more attention
dean.collins though i do agree with you,
i'm undecided about this point
dean.collins though i think they would have
to change the voting day from
tuesday if they wanted to do that
dean.collins did you see this about "Why
Tuesday" -
youngs24 OPen all weekend . 12 hours a
dean.collins yeh i dont understand why
voting isnt open for a whole week or
something like that.
dean.collins though i think they shouldnt
count votes until the same day so it
doesnt affect the outcome etc.
youngs24 Yeah they could make the whole
process a lot easier and user
dean.collins wow watchign CNBC at the
moment, they are talkign about the
possibility of a 269 to 269 vote
dean.collins and then what happens with how
congress gets to choose the president
youngs24 I hope not. I would really
like this to be decided tonight if
at all possible.
dean.collins hmm i setup the chat room to
run for 24 hours and expect more
people from 8pm on BUT i doubt they
will decide today, fully expect a
court order etc to be filed at some
time today #fb
dean.collins lol look on the bright side on
1460 days before it all happens
youngs24 The party starts for 2016
today LOL
dean.collins I'm betting on
dean.collins though i'd be happy if
bloomberg came in and ran for either
youngs24 Biden let it slip he'll be
running for something again this
dean.collins wow really......tiem for
retirement i think....
youngs24 Put an age cap in place

dean.collins lol watching the "biden"
video....dude you cant campaign inside the
polling booth
dean.collins Post on my facebook by
Feargall Kenny
"Lots of New Yorkers grumbling
about the line to vote until an Iraq
War Veteran reminded them they
were lucky not to be in a place
where voting put your life in
jeopardy...that shut them up!"
dean.collins Pennsylvania Is the New Ohio -

#fb #tw
dean.collins wow this is neat
"Tonight, the Empire State
Building will be lit up with election
dean.collins Lol everyone has a mother.....

@robdelaney - I was
considering voting for
OSE_, but then I remembered I
dean.collins RT @ToddKincannon - Democrats
used to bribe poor people with
liquor. RT @subtletypej Just saw on
t.v. that liquor sales are banned
on election day in S.C.

wow you are kidding right?
couldnt they just buy the day before?
dean.collins lol voting machines should be
owned by the overnment not prvate
companies -
dean.collins hmmm url mangle - try this
dean.collins Ex-con here. I served my time.
Why can't I vote.
dean.collins wow #TheDailyShow +
#ColbertReport is running live tonight from
11pm est #fb #tw
dean.collins Watching CNN, interesting
comment there have been 3 elections
where the candidate didnt win the
popular vote but WON the presidency
1876, 1888, 2000

Do you think it will happened
again today? FB #tw
dean.collins lol double rainbow signifies
got it in the bag
dean.collins Is anyone surprised that the
media arent concentrating on voter
turn out more?
dean.collins or are they thinking that so
many people took advantage of early
voting so not as important as earlier
years? eg normally dont they talk
about turnout in particular
states/counties within states?
dean.collins Wow turn on CNN right now,
they finally worked out 'Virtual
images" need to look sort of real to
work, very slick VR graphics demo
right now #fb #tw
dean.collins Who wants to predict the
hi/low on a decision/outcome before
midnight tonight? #tw
dean.collins whats your favorite website
for tracking
dean.collins post into the chat with your
preferred sites so we can all check them
out, so far not finding out
anything definite.
dean.collins Does anyone think there will
be serious immigration reform in
the next 4 years regardless of who
wins...? or more of the same
dean.collins what needs to happen in
america to have serious election
reform occur?
dean.collins if you were a dog....who would
you vote for?(and dont forget to
post your breed are and how this
affects choice)-
dean.collins interesting CNN just mentioned
the "Youth vote" is it just me or
no one really concentrated on the
youth vote much this election? #fb
dean.collins lol love it
@bobbiecoit - A red heeler
voted for
so he can b free to do what he
is breed to do
dean.collins RT ‚??@sbohlen if our country
has routinely 51-49 elections,we'd
better get a crap-load better at
counting/verifying votes than we are now
dean.collins Voter Finds Another
Romney-Loving Machine in Pennsylvania ....
Have there been any reports of
loving machines at all....??

#fb #tw
dean.collins Barack
twitter account just tweeted

OSE_ - Pennsylvania: Polls close at
8pm ET, and you can vote as long
as you're in line before then.
Spread the word.

wow i wondered how that work?
does this "on the line rule vary
state to state"?
dean.collins Is it pissing anyone else off
that CNN are claiming results based
on exit polls... #tw
dean.collins I hope other channels eg
#NPRmeetup are reporting real figures
rather than exit polls #tw
dean.collins can you imagine waiting 10
days for provisional votes in
dean.collins I hope other channels eg
#NPRmeetup are reporting real figures
rather than exit polls #tw
dean.collins oops sorry dupe
dean.collins lol just cliked over to
Thirteen how tired do these
reporters look already
tonight......going to be a long night
dean.collins RT @davetroy - Check out the
NPR Big Board coverage showing
real-time results as they come in

#NPRmeetup #fb
dean.collins lol

No matter who wins tonight,
we're all impressed Fox News made it
through 4 years of a black president
without saying the N-word on the air.
dean.collins Murdoch lost and Warren there must be a god.

dean.collins Warrens numbers over Brown -
dean.collins lol watching Fox News just so
i can see their reaction "thats
what happens when you vote a too
far right candidate" was the
snippet i heard before they went to
break #fb
dean.collins wow even Fox are leaning
securing 270 votes tonight
dean.collins Todd Akin loses as well!! #fb
dean.collins Everyone needs to turn on Fox
News now, it looks like someone
pooped on their doorstep the way they
are acting, so subdued,
dean.collins lol made me chuckle .....RT
@TeaPartyCat: Mitt
is starting to wonder if he
made a mistake by not having his
brother be governor of Florida.
dean.collins lol Norquist is on CNBC right
now bitching about taxes #tw
dean.collins i wonder what this means for
sequestration?? I know it will cost me more in
taxes but i think the spending cuts
make it worth it #fb
dean.collins Joe the Plumber loses
Congressional race, slides back into
unlicensed irrelevancy.
dean.collins Rt @profblmkelley When reality
intrudes into the Fox bubble it always
causes confusion and shock.
dean.collins lol Akin declared a loser -

#fb #tw
dean.collins I wonder if this will bring
about a moving to the center for
Republicans? end of rape/abortion position?
dean.collins Jon Stewart is doing The Daily
Show live
dean.collins Ohio announce for
thats it folks its a wrap
wins Vote 2012 #fb #tw
dean.collins wow 274 to 203 and its only
dean.collins so much for my claim of
lengthy voter recounts etc.
dean.collins so the Senate is retained by
Democrats...but House by
dean.collins Cue civil war in the
Republican Party between moderates and
hardliners over who lost them the
election in 3... 2... 1...
dean.collins Donald Trump just tweeted this
democracy is a sham #fb #tw
dean.collins Big Bird to
"I like you to but you're
fired, enjoy retirement".
dean.collins Big Bird to
"I like you to but you're
fired, enjoy retirement".
dean.collins Big Bird to
"I like you to..... but you're
fired, enjoy retirement".
dean.collins RT Terri Simmons‚??@ttown67
If you don't realize the
"elections" are just a game, an illusion
of choice & freedom ~my
dean.collins I hear you Terri. Totally
is the best president the
republicans could ever hope for
dean.collins Well folks, not sure when we
will run our next Live Political
Chat but there are plenty of other
chats over at

Hope to see more of you there